The Presence Process

Below is a link to the book and a few other resources I have been known to discuss with others. I have found this book and the 10-week presence process extremely beneficial to my day and relationship to myself and how everything is a reflection of my unintegrated energies that I spew out into the world. So, if you reflect vs react, one can spew less shit out into the world and have a more peaceful present moment.

Book and 10 Week Presence Process

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness


Here's his website that he created and supports his work on the presence process 


The website is fairly bare-bones. But, I find it useful. He also can be found on YouTube and has a number of workshops that were recorded. 


Michael Brown - Family


Michael Brown - You Tube


I really like how he explains working on integrating our own emotions reduces the need to clean the mirror on reflections within our family members. 


Here is another website that I found that gives another perspective on Michael Brown's Presence Process. I appreciate the author Pat Evert's streamlined description. 

The Presence Process - Hidden in Plain Sight